Riley Rockets
Water Confidence

For children from 3 years of age and above who have had very little experience in the water, lack confidence in and around water, or have the confidence but limited water skills

In our Riley Rockets 1 classes we provide a gentle, safe and reassuring environment specifically designed to ensure your child is totally relaxed in shallow water. Relaxed submersions, water orientation, breath control, floating and propulsion activities are all developed in a fun, stimulating and encouraging environment

Once your child has developed these skills they move onto Riley Rockets 2. This level is designed to continue to develop your child’s confidence and water safety skills, as well as introducing them to efficient kicking legs whilst maintaining the correct body position.

Class Size

Within this program we have two different levels

  • Riley Rockets 1 – max. 3/class

  • Riley Rockets 2 – max. 4/class



Classes are held Monday to Friday – mornings & afternoons + Saturday mornings. 

Enquire for more information regarding times.